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Change of mind

2008-07-12 06:59:26 by nosboy-nx

Screw Kardla...

Im going to Australia :D

Yea, in 2 years time im gonnna move to Kardla, pretty nice place. 800 miles east of here. sooo ah... just thought i would say that.

My eyes rock.

yarrr its about timei make my self a flash movie i think im gonna make a tetris one, give me a few weeks and it will be in t3h portal!

im on msn one day and my cousin sends me a message saying saying she gave her freinds sister my email,

i say why did u do that for?

and she replies : his sister needs some one to talk to thats about her age.

"and you picked my becuz?"
"becuz i did well too late now she will be on in a moment K? thx bai!

well its been 1 month now and i think shes pretty hawt but should i go out with her? or just stay friends?

make ur ng t shirt

2007-09-02 12:27:54 by nosboy-nx

go here adn photo shop ms paint ur ng t shirt

example in pic below

make ur ng t shirt


2007-08-29 17:10:02 by nosboy-nx 7209/ we love them

mav vs god

2007-08-25 16:26:17 by nosboy-nx

man vs god (AKA sky fariy)

wepons thread...

2007-08-24 13:22:18 by nosboy-nx

well i thought i would brows around the bbs and i foundthis

i know i am ill sell my XBOX and my 360 for it, or i could paint my 360 black and buy the 120gb memory
and paint my controller black andrip the processor out of my pc but who would do that?

yay i lvled up by posting on the bbs! or was it because i blew the whistle? i dont know... do you lvl by posting on the bbs or blowing teh whistle... or both!?